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Fun of modern delicacy
玩味 / 当代 / 精致
Fun of modern delicacy
玩味 / 当代 / 精致


Group Brand / 集团品牌

作为年轻且富有浪漫活力的新起之秀,Fiona Chen斐娜晨自诞生起,便将视野投向全球,吸纳中西方顶级设计团队,从设计、研发、生产、推广、市场各个环节,全情投入顶级打造,创造“高端、优雅、玩味、清新”糅合于一体的时尚新风貌!

As new fashion brand featured youth and romantic vigor, Fiona Chen has enjoyed a global vision from the very beginning of its establishment. With top designer team made up of talents from both China and western countries, Fiona Chen keeps making commitment to creation of a new fashion combining superior quality, elegance, fun and freshness from the design, production, promotion and marketing of product.



Brand Concept / 品牌理念

Fiona Chen斐娜晨期望为拥有强烈自我意识与高品位的女人们找到属于她们的高尚而精致的形象。

Fiona Chen斐娜晨的创立始于一种回归。由西方回归东方,将欧洲时尚理念、审美情趣与中国女性体型相融合;将风格的构建深植于女性的心理,带领服装回归内心;将女人从现实中解禁出来,重新探索自我,回归本真,绽放柔和、美好的女性特质。

Fiona Chen斐娜晨以舒适大胆色彩组合,剪裁上的幽默,图案的趣味表达,带来一种值得玩味的效果。

Fiona Chen aims to create fashionable and delicate image for ladies with outstanding self-awareness and taste.

Fiona Chen is a brand originated from the concept of reversion. It strives to reverse to oriental fashion from western fashion through combination of European fashion concept and taste for fashion with the figure of Chinese women, reverse the fashion to our mind through deep rooting the style creation in women’s minds, reverse women to a status of nature, gentleness and niceness through freeing them form the reality and allowing them to explore who they really are.

Fiona Chen creates a fashion of fun through combination of diverse colors, unique cutting and funny pattern.



Design Concept / 设计理念

Fiona Chen将对当代艺术与街头风格的欣赏,运用在色彩、图案的创作中,最大限度地表达个人自由,创造出一种独特趣味的设计美学,同时大胆的将新的科技与传统设计碰撞融合,保持个性化、风格化、精致的具有装饰美感的细节,呈现出混合而精致的迷人风貌,代表了中国新一代年轻女性独立自主的时代精神与不拘一格的时尚品味。

Its appreciation for modern art and street style has been applied to the design of color and pattern to create a special yet funny design aesthetics in which the personality can be given a full play. In addition, independence and various tastes for fashion of Chinese young ladies can be well perceived from the mixed and delicate fashion created by Fiona Chen through integration of new technology and traditional design, personality, unique style, delicate and fantasy details.